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Sep 9, 2019

Dr. Kelly Brogan – End The War Against Yourself

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Healing, Health, Illness, Mental Health, Relationship, Self-Love, Wellness


This game-changing episode will entirely change the way you look at mental health. Dr Kelly Brogan is a psychiatrist and a New York Times bestselling author who has walked the path of integrative and holistic health. While being trained as a psychiatrist, Dr Brogan was a staunch supporter of the pharmaceutical model for symptom suppression. After her own illness and resultant awakening, Dr Brogan entirely changed her clinical practice.

Dr Brogan describes the “bait and switch” trap of the medical system, capturing highly sensitive people with medications that often turn situational pain into chronic illness. She argues that rather than suppressing our symptoms we can learn what they are here to teach us, we can see our vulnerability as a gift rather than a curse. Far from being trapped, we are emerging into a zeitgeist of reparenting and unconditional love for self. Dr Brogan describes the joy of liberation from darkness and the power in self care. We can all liberate ourselves to life and Dr Brogan walks us through the model she uses to heal all kinds of illness.


1 min – Introduction from Mark, Dr. Kelly Brogan’s book, psychological science, pharmaceuticals, and all of their interconnectedness.

7 mins – Dr. Kelly Brogan’s introduction.

9 mins – Dr. Kelly Brogan’s background in psychiatry, her journey to integrative and holistic psychiatry. Realising that as a clinician nobody was ever encouraged to investigate the root causes of presenting symptoms.

13 mins – The story we tell ourselves about our mental health, we cannot win the war against ourselves.

18 mins – Doctor induced harm and the impact of medication on making symptoms chronic. The role of habit forming chemicals. Why psychiatrists would remain defensive of a school of thought they’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in learning.

23 mins – The risks of medications emerging in recent research, the benefit of medications going to only 18% of patients.

28 mins – Working with vulnerability rather than against it. Self discovery vs symptom suppression. The bait and switch, capturing highly sensitive people within the system.

32 mins – Beginning to relate to pain as a source of power rather than weakness. The joy of liberation from darkness and secrecy. The power of self care and self liberation.

46 mins – The chemical imbalance theory of mental health and the shift away from it. How to turn off the alarm bells that activate the flight, fight, freeze.

57 mins – Making the decision to heal from the root. Making the decision to end the suffering.

1.05 mins – Dr Brogan’s model for self healing, the common types of illness and the model for healing these. Changing mentality and the resultant shift in your life.


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