Aug 10, 2020

Holly Grigg-Spall – Sweetening The Pill

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Birth Control, Connection, Health + Wellness, Intimacy, Patriarchy, Reproductive Health


This topic is so important and yet so rarely discussed. That’s why I’m so appreciative that Holly Grigg-Spall has joined me this week to discuss the contraceptive pill. The Pill has long been associated with sexual freedom and liberation, but Holly talks us through her journey of discovering the impact that it had upon her mental and physical health. In doing so, Holly walks us through the research that is often overlooked and the various reasons we avoid having these conversations. I’m so honoured to have this discussion because I know it is so important that this topic is brought to light.


  • The side effects of birth control you many not know about
  • Alternatives to the birth control pill
  • Why do women feel like they have to hide their periods?
  • Patriarchy, pharmaceuticals, and sexual liberation
  • How birth control can disconnect you from yourself
  • Ways to track fertility naturally