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May 14, 2020

All about you Q&A – Chemistry and Boundaries

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Attachment Styles, Boundaries, Relationship, Self-Awareness, Self-Worth


This week in a special episode I wanted to discuss a few issues that live below the surface of our relationships and lives. First, why do we only have “crazy chemistry” with people that aren’t good for us? And why, when we start setting boundaries do we sometimes start to lose that “spark” we once felt?

We go deeper in this by discussing a question about how to end a trauma bond, if you haven’t heard about trauma bonding then this question is for you. We also discuss how to begin to set healthy boundaries in a relationship where there is a lack of trust or lack of emotional safety. And finally, the difficult question of whether to stay or go. These are some of the most important questions that so many of us struggle with, join me!


  • Can we feel love if we feel whole and don’t need anyone?
  • Why do we find ourselves less attractive to our partners once we’ve done the work?
  • Choosing ourselves and holding space for something new
  • Men who stand up and what it means to women
  • How to end a trauma bond
  • Why are we obsessed with people who need to be fixed?
  • Enabling and discovering the reward in patterns we choose
  • Why we shrink in our relationships
  • How do we know to stay or go?