May 20, 2020

Selina Gray – Healing The Money Wound

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Boundaries, Connection to Self, Money, Relationship, Wealth, Worthiness


Money is one of the top reasons for conflict in relationships and that is why the amazing Selina Gray is back this week. Selina is here to help us unpack our money story. That is, the beliefs we hold about money that shape the way we feel about ourselves. So many of us have unhealthy patterns with money, it could be overspending, or not feeling worthy of spending, or relying on money for a sense of self. While most of us understand that money can be a stressor and reason for conflict, few of us will have the chance to understand our money wounds and work to heal them. I hope this episode helps you begin on this journey.



  • Our relationship to money is directly connected with sense of self
  • As soon as it feels hard and scary, roll up your sleeves
  • What do we actually want with money?
  • Family wiring around money and wealth
  • Money just amplifies who we really are
  • Wealth is a state of being
  • Having courage and belief in yourself pays off
  • No-name labels, luxury brands, shame, and the masks we wear
  • Addiction, money, and proving yourself for worth
  • As you change things, everything changes