May 18, 2023

Breaking Free from Toxic Friendships with Violet Benson

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Authenticity, Belonging, Boundaries, Childhood Patterns, codependency, Friendships, Healing, Mental Health, Self-Love, Self-Worth, Toxic Relationships, Trauma


Today I’m welcoming back my friend Violet Benson, comedian, motivational speaker, creator of Daddy Issues, and podcast host of the largest self-love podcast and movement for women, Almost Adulting. Tune into this episode to learn how to navigate toxic friendships, set healthy boundaries, stop giving others power over you, and reframe your past traumas to stop repeating patterns. Violet offers valuable advice for anyone looking to improve their relationships, and friendships, and prioritize self-love.


  • How to navigate toxic friendships and set healthy boundaries
  • The importance of not giving others power over you and how to reclaim your own power in relationships
  • How discovering your patterns and choosing to stop the cycle can help you heal and choose a new path forward

00:00 Intro 

00:54 Friendships aren’t always easy

05:19 Handling negative comments online

07:16 Letting go of toxic friendships

10:36 How the pandemic changed our identities

13:17 Posting for likes vs business

19:02 Prioritizing yourself over social media popularity

27:47 Creating the “Daddy Issues” Identity

32:29 The problem with idolization

35:54 Reinventing yourself and cutting ties with people who hold you back

39:57 Stop giving others power over you

46:07 The “I can change him/her” mindset

49:26 Repeating a pattern with friends

52:20 Childhood patterns shape our lives

57:48 Not everyone is a villain

1:00:47 Stop crossing your own boundaries

1:02:47 The reason we choose emotionally unavailable people

1:08:13 Children are our teachers

1:13:43 Generational traumas are passed down