May 15, 2023

Say it Out Loud and Set Yourself Free with Vasavi Kumar

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Authenticity, Belonging, Bi-Polar, Healing, Inner Child, Inner Voice, Mental Health, Purpose, Self-Love, Self-Talk, Self-Worth, Transformation, Trauma


Today I welcome back my good friend, the “Queen of Saying It Out Loud,” Vasavi Kumar! 

She has relentlessly searched to find her own voice, access the freedom of her creative spirit, and help others along the way… out loud. When she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 19, she made it her life’s purpose to understand how her mind works, starting with making room to hear herself think. Her mission is to share everything—the good, bad, and ugly—in order to teach a more mindful, practical, and simple way of running every aspect of your life. 

In this episode, Vasavi teaches us the importance of “saying it out loud” – how to talk to yourself to build self-trust, heal from past traumas, and gain greater clarity about who you are and your calling. Vasavi shares practical tips for cultivating a discerning, gentle, and firm inner voice and unlocking the power of your inner child’s voice. She also shares some of her powerful exercises to help guide our self-talk. Don’t miss this powerful jam sesh!


  • The difference between writing down what you feel and actually saying it out loud
  • Explore how the tone of your inner voice affects your mental health, and find out how to speak to yourself in a positive and empowering way
  • How unspoken trauma can manifest in your life, and how to heal from it and move toward a more fulfilling life
  • How you can trust yourself again and let your inner child’s voice be heard

00:00 Intro 

01:12 Writing Say It Out Loud

08:22 Difference between saying and writing what you feel

11:04 The power of talking to yourself out loud

18:21 Importance of the tone of your voice

21:51 Have trust in yourself

31:39 Your inner child wants to be heard

33:35 Exploring unspoken trauma

39:45 Practice and prepare

43:15 Overcoming fear and embracing visibility

53:57 The healing power of writing