May 22, 2023

Why Cold Plunging is the Hottest Thing with Ryan Duey

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Today I’m jamming with Ryan Duey, CEO of Plunge, one of the most affordable cold plunge tub manufacturers on the market. Cold plunge benefits include nervous system regulation, boosting energy, greater recovery/performance, increased immune support, increased motivation, mood improvement, pain relief, stress relief, better sleep, and so much more! If you know me, you know I love the benefits of cold showers and cold plunges, and I was stoked to get my hands on one of their amazing plunge tubs. (P.S. I got you a discount—code below in the links!)

Join the conversation as we deep dive (no pun intended!) into the fascinating story of how Plunge was created as a business thriving out of the pandemic and the challenges their company faced with growth. We also jam everything you need to know about cold plunginghow it affects your brown fat, how it can help you regulate your nervous system and tackle your biggest fearsand muse about death, mortality, fears, and emotions that cold plunging can help you regulate.


  • Discover the surprising benefits of cold plunging for optimal physical and mental health
  • How cold plunging is an amazing tool to regulate your nervous system in a world filled with stress, anxiety, and overstimulation
  • The post-pandemic shift to digitalization and social media affecting everything from our nervous systems to analog life, to business operations in today’s world and how cold plunging can help us deal better

00:00 Intro 

01:15 Why should you try cold-plunging?

06:53 Doing business during the pandemic

11:11 Digitalization in business

17:33 Cold-plunging is a +gym for your nervous system

20:09 Benefits of cold-plunging

22:27 The growth of Plunge

30:27 Using social media in business

41:25 Analog to digital shift

43:18 Recalibrate your nervous system

46:38 Mortality and death

59:40 Rejecting the concept of aging 

1:02:10 It’s important to question everything

1:05:03 Maturing and processing change better

1:12:02 Start with small changes, don’t go big