Dec 3, 2018

Captain ‘Raise the Bar’ with Amy Young

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Boundaries, Breakups, Dating, Relationships, Worthiness


Are you struggling in the dating world? Do you feel like finding love is the equivalent to working a fulltime job? In this episode, I talk to Amy Young all about dating in the modern world and her unpopular opinion that dating is actually fun and how it should never feel like an obligation. Amy is a life coach extraordinaire who previously worked as an actor and comedienne, bringing her silly and irreverent approach to empowering single women to understand themselves and set themselves up for relationship success. She is self-proclaimed “Captain Raise the Bar” and she and I jammed on all the goodness there is in today’s modern dating world when you look for it.


  • The importance of raising your standards (8:08)
  • Can people have casual sex without getting hurt? (15:00)
  • Is it OK for a woman to need a man? (36:30)
  • And so much more!