Nov 26, 2018

Navigating Relationships and Codependency with Ivy Kwong

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codependency, Connection, Intimacy, Relationships, Self-Love


What is the difference between wanting to make your partner happy and being accommodating to the point of losing yourself? What is the recipe for self-love that allows you to deepen your connection in relationships? In this episode, I speak with Ivy Kwong, a licensed marriage & family therapist, speaker, and writer who specializes in self-love and connection to heal codependency.

Ivy also lets us in on an emotional intimacy exercise you can start putting into practice right away (55:05). Make a new nightly routine of checking in with yourself and sharing with your partner about the following areas: anger, pain, sadness, fear, shame, guilt, joy, and loneliness. Tune in to hear exactly how this exercise works and more tips and tricks you can use to help yourself (and your partner) grow.



  • The definition and different degrees of codependency (19:17)
  • The value of self-esteem and self-love (27:45)
  • What you need in order to sustain a relationship (48:05)
  • And so much more!