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Sep 25, 2023

Let That Sh*t Go with Natalie Miles

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Afterlife, Ancestral Lineage, Authenticity, Belonging, Childhood Trauma, Death, Grief, Intuition, Psychic Medium, Rediscovering Ourselves, Spirituality, Transformation


Today I welcome Natalie Miles to the show! Natalie, originally from the UK, is an acclaimed channel, psychic medium, writer and author of her best selling book “You Are Intuitive. Trust Your Truth. Take Back Your Power.” Her brand new podcast “Things That Die” is here to break the taboo on the death and endings we face in our lives. 

Natalie is here to inspire you to deepen the connection with yourself and the world around you to make more aligned conscious choices in your life. She’s not here to give you the answers or tell you what to do. But instead, to inspire you to feel confident in making the present and future decisions in your own life. She shares insight and guidance so you can move forward with confidence, trusting your own intuition. Her first podcast, “So You Think You’re Intuitive” was one of the top spiritual podcasts across North America with over 1.3 million downloads. Her intuitive work was also named by “Goop” as one of the best workshops to develop your intuition.


  • Natalie explains the cathartic power of letting go and how letting things die can be a gift
  • What her forecast is for the rest of 2023 and how you can use that in your favor.
  • How our ancestors and our childhood relationships can develop into trauma and recurring patterns
  • How to live a life filled with confidence and how to trust your intuition 

00:00 Intro

01:52 Forecast for the remainder of 2023 

07:10 Growing up with medium abilities 

12:36 Paying attention to your own medium abilities and how to hone in on that gift 

16:09 What is the intuitive voice

22:50 Breaking the chains of ancestral patterns

32:19 Conversations with spirit guides

38:49 Intuition as a guide in finding your truth

45:33 The freedom of self-expression

49:24 Messages from the beyond