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Aug 18, 2020

Christine Chang – Finding Love For Independent Women

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Couples, Dating, Independence, Marriage, Re-learning how to receive love, Women


I am so thrilled to have one of my best friends Christine Chang join me this week. Christine is a Celebrity and Lifestyle photographer, and best-selling author of the book “SHOW UP: Finding Love for Independent Women.” In this episode we discuss some of the themes in Christine’s book, and her own personal journey navigating the dating world as a strong and successful woman. We dive into the complexities of different relationship dynamics, and the importance of cultivating and nurturing a strong sense of self outside of a relationship. For Christine, the ideal relationship came out of showing up as her authentic true self and getting to the core of her own emotional needs.


  • What is the definition of a strong woman?
  • What is underneath an independent woman?
  • The top qualities woman want in recent studies
  • Where we think our worth lies
  • The shadow side of independence
  • The reality of reality
  • The feeling of home vs. butterflies
  • How to have a functioning, healthy, sexy relationship