25th August 2020
Tami Amanda – Coming Home To Your Body

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This week I welcome Embodiment Coach and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Tami Amanda to the podcast. Tami walks us through her own experience with therapy and the ways she still felt stuck in her shame after therapy. This led Tami to the realization that something deeper may have been missing. After working with immigrant and refugee children in somatic therapy, she saw children heal deep childhood trauma without ever talking about what happened. This led Tami to ask the question, how do we look inside for our healing? This week, we dive into the complexities and benefits of somatic therapy and we get curious about some of the limits of talk therapy.


  • How to move through triggers and activation
  • How to embody and integrate the work
  • How to actually change and be a self healer
  • Follow your own breadcrumbs
  • Thoughts, mistakes, instagram and victim blaming
  • The greatest source of pain from childhood
  • You cannot trauma your way out of trauma
  • Why it’s about the small steps and little moments first
  • The magic sauce: It’s all about the 5 senses
  • The mirrors to our own “check list”


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