May 4, 2023

Don’t Give Up on Great Love – Solo Episode

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Authenticity, Beliefs, Boundaries, codependency, Conflict, Dating, Personal Values, Relationships, Transformation


Have you ever found yourself in a relationship where you feel like you’re constantly sacrificing your true desires to meet your partner at their level? Mic drop: you shouldn’t have to compromise your own happiness to make a relationship work. Join me in this solo episode as I talk about the importance of prioritizing your desire for great love and how to communicate your deal breakers effectively in dating and relationships. 


  • The most common misconception in relationships when it comes to shared desires
  • The importance of choosing what you really want and why we don’t often know what that is
  • The biggest deal breaker in a relationship

00:00 Intro 

01:25 Why doesn’t everyone seek great love?

03:27 Navigating differences in a relationship

04:41 You must question the system

06:47 We choose lives and circumstances that we don’t actually want

07:31 Prioritize your desires in a relationship

11:25 The biggest deal breaker in a relationship



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