8th May 2023
Unlock Your Life Purpose Through Heart Healing with Dr. Kevin Preston

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Today I’m jamming with Dr. Kevin Preston, a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbalist and acupuncturist, trained in biological medicine. Known for his experience treating toxicity, chronic illness, and mystery syndromes, Kevin has served thousands of patients across North America, by combining extensive education and experience with intuition and heart connection, letting compassion rise to the forefront of all he does. He’s passionate about activating the inherent medicine within each of us, unlocking the true potential of the DNA and cellular network. 

Kevin shares his fascinating journey through Traditional Chinese Medicine and breaks down the mind-body connection to show how our emotions (especially stored/unprocessed ones!) play a massive role in our health. Kevin also talks about the intuition and heart connection and how our heart center often stores the greatest potential for setting us free, and how we can gain greater clarity around our life purpose when we create more awareness around the energy in our body and our environment.


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