Jun 22, 2020

Dr. Alexandra Solomon – How To Talk About Race

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After the murder of George Floyd and the protests across the globe that have followed, I have received hundreds of questions on the topic. The question that so many of you asked is ‘how do I have hard conversations about race?’ For many of us, we need to find ways to engage with our partners, family, friends and colleagues on issues that might be completely outside of our previous experience. Now is the time to step into the work of not only educating ourselves on racism but also leading these conversations effectively so that we can take others on the journey toward anti-racism too.

That’s why I am bringing you an extended episode with Dr. Alexandra Solomon to answer this question in great detail. Dr. Solomon talks us through the 7 steps required to have conversations on racism that will help us build deeper connection, empathy and trust and ultimately help us in building a more loving society.