Jun 19, 2020

Live: The “right” Decisions in Love Are Challenging

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Boundaries, codependency, Connection, Relationship, Self-Awareness


This week in a special episode I wanted to discuss some really challenging and common questions I receive. To make the “right” decisions in love is challenging. There are so many layers of conditioning which not only shape our fears, but also limit what we think we’re capable of. First, we look at whether we should leave when the passion dies, and why is it that passion often fades in long term relationships?!

Next, we dive further into the subject of emotional unavailability. We explore the deeper levels of “friends with benefits”, as well as the fear of asking about our relationship status. And finally, we chat about inconsistent texting and what a lack of someone replying can mean. These are some of the most important questions that so many of us struggle with, join me!


  • When to stay or go?
  • When our relationship to ourself shifts, everything else shifts
  • Passion disappears when we lose ourselves
  • If a relationship requires you to leave yourself, it’s a prison
  • True love is freedom
  • Stop shrinking for others
  • How long do you wait for something?
  • How to sit in the loneliness