Jun 15, 2020

Sylvester McNutt extended – It’s Complicated

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Compassion, Connection, Culture, empathy, Self-Awareness


I am so grateful that my main man Sylvester McNutt took the time to talk us through this incredibly difficult topic—as it is happening right now in the United States. I cannot think of a more generous, loving and insightful soul to begin this conversation with. Sylvester walks us through his life in so many ways, the history, the suffering, the love and the connections. He calls us forward to do the work required to truly connect.

There are so many gaps in our awareness and so many complications that we must step toward to resolve. I hope you will all answer this call with me and join us as we dive deeper in coming weeks.


  • What relationship masters do when it comes to repairing
  • Healing always requires empathy first
  • Race, love and relationships
  • Cancel culture vs. compassion
  • Witnessing and understanding the other side of the coin
  • Empathy is how we heal
  • The need for the balance of opinions, new models, and diversity boards
  • The real history of African Americans and how we can make a difference