Jun 16, 2019

Dr. Christopher Ryan – Sex, Connection, Evolution: All Gone Wrong

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Behavior, Evolution, Monogamy, Polygamy, Sex


I am so excited to introduce an author whose work has impacted my work so significantly. Dr. Christopher Ryan wrote the epic book ‘Sex at Dawn’ in 2010, and he has gone on to continue researching and writing on human evolution. We discuss it all – human evolution, sex and connection, modernity, the agricultural revolution and how it shifted our sexual behaviour, the internet revolution today, and what all of it means for our lives and our happiness. His work is truly fascinating and I am so honoured that he has shared this work with us today.


  • Sex. What is it all about? How much are we doing it and WHY?
  • The science and research behind ‘Sex at Dawn’.
  • The intention and the truths behind the book.
  • Monogamy and it’s challenges.
  • Sex education around the world today.
  • The modern world and our lack of connection, how does this compare to our evolution?
  • The evolution of civilization from hunter-gathers to today’s modern age. What went wrong?
  • The age of the internet, what has social media done to us?
  • The economic system – what has the modernity meant for humankind, what has the agricultural evolution done for us?
  • The history of polygamy in earlier societies.
  • Micro-biomes – what are they, how are they exchanged and how do they affect us.