10th December 2021
Going Light with Kaiwei Tang

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Ever feel powerless to the powers of your phone and technology? I certainly have, and over the past few months, my relationship with tech has left me feeling more depleted and anxious than ever. So much so that I recently took my first break from Instagram in seven years!

This much needed space allowed me to discover how to relate to my phone and social media on my own terms, and this journey led me to discovering the Light Phone. I was fascinated by this genius idea and the company behind it creating products “designed to be used as little as possible.” Say what?!

Joining me today is the Light Phone co-founder Kaiwei Tang. After meeting his business partner, artist Joe Hollier, at in a Google experimental program in 2014, this product designer helped create a smartphone alternative that promotes peace of mind and intentional use. Whether you need a break from your smartphone for the weekend or you’re ready to ditch it for good, the Light Phone changes how you experience your time.



  • How tech companies profit from our time, attention and data and how The Light Phone is disrupting this industry
  • The effects of constant digital stimulation and the profound benefits users have experienced from “going light”
  • How to regain control in your relationship with your smartphone
  • The ways we distract and numb ourselves with technology and how the Light Phone is helping people reconnect with themselves, others and the present moment




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