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Jun 9, 2021

Healing Is Multi-dimensional – Dr. Mariel Buqué

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Healing, Inherited Trauma, Mental Health, Sound Bath Healing, Trauma


I think it’s absolutely fascinating that a lot of the things we might be healing today… are not actually ours. You may have heard the words generational trauma, intergenerational trauma and collective trauma before – but what do they mean? How does this impact a person’s relational patterns, expansion, intimacy or growth? I am so excited for you to experience this week’s episode with the brilliant Dr. Mariel Buqué, a Columbia University-trained Psychologist, Intergenerational Trauma expert, and sound bath meditation healer. Her work focuses on the advancement of culturally responsive therapeutic practices that affirm the lived experiences of Black & Indigenous People of Color (BIPOCs). Her clinical work centers on healing wounds of intergenerational trauma, holistic mental wellness, and centering indigenous healing practices. We discuss the ways intergenerational trauma forms, caring for ourselves in a holistic way, healing from emotional wounds and how to transition into a liberated version of Self.


  • The things we are looking to heal today are actually not ours
  • Looking at inherited trauma
  • The connection to the gut microbiome, trauma and mental health
  • Challenging western science and psychology
  • How hollistic and ancestral practices help us feel grounded and connected
  • Why we hang on to our limitations – the undercurrent of safety
  • Safety vs. certainty
  • How trauma effects nature vs. nurture
  • Epigenetics, stress and resilience
  • Sound bath meditations for inherited trauma
  • How to hold compassion for trauma that isn’t yours
  • Finding wisdom inside your history
  • The multi-dimensional approach to healing


  • Head here to find Dr. Mariel Buqué’s work and learn about the the Soul Healing Collective –a community space she created for people to heal together, as she believes in the liberation of both our minds and of oppressive systems as necessary qualities of our collective wellness. Be sure to connect with @dr.marielbuque on Instagram as well.