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Feb 27, 2023

How to Be a Better Parent with Dr. Shefali

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Child Development, Ego, Parenting, Social Media


Today I’m excited to welcome Dr. Shefali to the podcast. I have been a longtime fan of her work, and as I step into parenthood myself, this episode comes at the perfect time! In it, we dive into concepts from her most recent book, The Parenting Map, and explore the traditional parenting paradigm (and why it’s not working anymore), plus how to develop awareness around your behaviours to foster a deeper connection with your kids.

Dr. Shefali received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Columbia University. Specializing in the integration of Western psychology and Eastern philosophy, she brings together the best of both worlds for her clients. She is an expert in family dynamics and personal development, teaching courses around the globe. She has written four books, three of which are New York Times best-sellers, including her two landmark books, The Conscious Parent and The Awakened Family.


  • The traditional parenting paradigm and why it’s not working anymore
  • Why shifting from control to connection is key in conscious parenting
  • How to nurture your child’s essence, so they develop resilience and self-worth
  • Why our children trigger us (hint: it’s about you, not them)
  • How your past pain influences the way you parent
  • How social media impacts your child’s self-worth and self-image
  • How to identify your child’s ego pattern

00:00 Intro 

01:05 The traditional parenting paradigm

05:28 Conscious parenting

11:28 It’s not your kid; it’s you

12:52 Parents are not aware that their love is conditional

16:43 Parenting from ego & parenting as spiritual growth

26:08 Recognizing your ego patterns

28:56 Projecting onto your kids

34:40 The impact of social media on parents and kids

42:37 Repairing parenting mistakes

44:13 Dismantling the ego

48:40 It’s a difficult time to raise children