22nd January 2024
#341: How to Re-Wire from Survival to Greatness with James Silvas

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In this episode, I welcome back James Silvas, an International Mindset Specialist and Peak Performance Coach. James encourages listeners to embrace both their individuality and the interconnectedness of all things to live a meaningful life aligned with their values and purpose. We explore the importance of living our values to be in true alignment with ourselves. James dismantles presence and discusses the concept of unselfing and facing our sh*t head on. Tune in for an eye-opening conversation that invites us to reflect on and widen our perspective.

James Silvas teaches athletes, leaders, and high-performing teams how to clear their minds, break through fear, optimize their performance, and enhance the quality of their personal and professional lives. James is also the founder of Be That 1% – a movement, brand, and podcast that inspires others to live on their terms, overcome obstacles, and do what 99% of people won’t.


0:00:00 Intro + Understanding our minds, performance, and presence

0:08:34 The Wall of Avoidance

0:24:20 Personal Fulfillment

0:25:33 Establishing Boundaries and Preserving Wholeness

0:28:44 Emotions are constructed in the moment, not pre-determined

0:31:52 Letting go of attachment allows for a relaxed and evolving conversation

0:35:33 Creating Certainty to Avoid Uncertainty

0:37:52 Observing and Selecting Thoughts

0:42:01 Constructed Lives: Society’s Influence and Identifiable Labels

0:42:42 The Masks We Wear and the People We Attract

0:45:26 Triggers as Opportunities for Personal Growth

0:49:45 Becoming a Trailblazer in Your Own Life

0:55:12 Honoring Self and Others through Alignment

0:58:43 Unleashing Your Unique Superpower

1:02:59 Shifting from Victim to Victor Mentality


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