Jan 18, 2024

#340: The Pain of Self-Abandonment

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Authenticity, Belonging, Boundaries, Career, codependency, Grief, Health, Mental Health, Money, Purpose, Relationships, Self-Love, Self-Worth, Spirituality, Transformation


This espresso shot solo episode is an excerpt from my recent Masterclass: 2024: Your Breakthrough Year. I’ll have a few of these coming out over the next few weeks! In this one, I talk about the importance of self-worth in decision-making and taking proactive steps towards change. We explore the impact of fear and resistance on progress and the transformative power of embracing discomfort. I also share the transformation that a dragonfly undergoes and how we can learn from it by utilizing pain for personal transformation. Get the full recording at markgroves.com/2024


00:00:00 Intro + Operating from a place of self-worth

0:02:10 Lowering standards and making exceptions

0:03:22 The importance of saying yes to oneself

0:06:14 The Weight of Knowing Without Living

0:06:33 Embracing the Fear and Starting Anyway

0:07:45 Stepping up as an Adult and Taking the Lead in 2024

0:08:14 True acceptance leads to transformation and action

0:09:56 The Fascinating Transformation of a Dragonfly

0:11:23 Shedding Old Skin and Emerging as a New Creature

0:11:31 The Power of New Beginnings

0:12:52 Embracing the Moment of Decision

0:13:02 Embracing Pain and Transformation

0:15:10 The Dragonfly Metaphor: Embracing Change and Growth

0:17:27 Using Emotional Residue for Transformation


Full Masterclass recording

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