25th January 2024
#342: Trusting The Process

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This espresso shot solo episode is an excerpt from my recent Masterclass: 2024: Your Breakthrough Year. In this episode, I discuss breaking generational patterns and embracing self-expression. I explore navigating feeling lost, the importance of embracing past painful experiences, and trusting the beauty of the process. Let’s uncover the wisdom in our journey towards a more authentically expressed future. Get the full recording at markgroves.com/2024


0:00:00 Intro

0:01:06 Letting Go of Baggage and Inherited Suffering

0:02:15 Small Commitments Lead to Big Commitments

0:03:22 Letting Go and Finding More Peace

0:04:52 Discovering Potent Material

0:05:26 Unpacking the Confusion and Impact of Relationships

0:06:29 The Significance of Life Experience

0:06:46 Stuck in the Past

0:08:08 Learning from Fear


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