Apr 18, 2022

How to Use Conflict to Actually Deepen Your Relationship with Nick Solaczek



Communication, Conflict Resolution, Couples Therapy, Personal Growth, Relationships


Today’s guest is not only a good friend, but an excellent teacher in the space of romantic relationships whom I’ve had the honour of watching grow as both a human and coach.

Nick Solaczek is an IMAGO Relationship Coach and one of my go-to recommended coaches to help people discover a more fulfilling experience of being in romantic relationship. He works internationally with individuals and couples who want to take their life and their relationships to the next level.


  • Why you keep having the same fights over and over again — and how to transcend the pattern
  • Practical scripts for moving through conflict with your partner using IMAGO dialogue framework
  • The five things that are necessary for safety within a relationship
  • Why we’re often attracted to our opposite in romantic relationships