Mar 2, 2020

Jasmine Rose – Holistic Fertility

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Jasmine Rose, holistic fertility expert joins me this week for a look at her journey and her work with fertility in the emerging holistic health movement. With an emphasis on coming back to self, we uncover the stigmas associated with women embarking on their fertility journey. We unpack the deep emotional work that brought Jasmine to healing her health in an unexpected way. I can’t thank Jasmine enough for bringing this topic to light and am honoured to partake in such a vulnerable discussion with her. Whichever life stage you are at, this is a must-listen.



  • Jasmine Rose is a Holistic Fertility Specialist + Womb Connector. She focused on bringing heart into the fertility journey + accessing the WHY when discovering dis-ease within the womb space. Jasmine believes that play, pleasure + desire are the golden keys to life. You can find her at @humblewildwellness on Instagram