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Jul 20, 2020

Mikaela Reuben – How To Nourish Yourself

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Boundaries, Connection, Cooking, Food, Relationship, Self-Love, Worthiness


My dear friend Mikaela Reuben joins me this week and I am so excited to introduce you to this celebrity chef and all-around superstar human. Mikaela takes us through a journey that many of us can relate to — building a life with *no* boundaries. For Mikaela, this meant giving up everything for her career including her own health. For Mikaela, being a chef meant constantly nourishing and caring for other people with nutritious meals, while sacrificing her own needs — skipping her own meals and feeding everyone except herself. Mikaela talks us through the terrifying process of beginning to set boundaries, the fear that washes over us when we try to say ‘no’ to someone else’s request for the first time.

For Mikaela, resetting her boundaries meant starting to nourish herself first. Mikaela explains that the opportunity to nourish yourself is both a gift and a responsibility. I invite you to learn the gift of nourishing yourself by joining us this week.


  • Our relationship to food is directly connected to the relationship with ourselves
  • Why we lose ourselves in the service of others
  • How we do one thing is how we do everything
  • Food and the connection to worthiness, boundaries and self-love
  • The power of slowness
  • What is the real nutrition that truly feeds us?
  • How cooking for yourself is healing (beyond the kitchen)