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Jun 29, 2020

Terri Cole – Crushing Codependency Myths

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Boundaries, codependency, Relationship, self-abandonment


I am so excited to have Terri Cole back to dive deeper into codependency. I very much identify as recovering codependent, so there is no judgement at all when I say that so many of us have codependent traits that are holding us back from life and love. So many of us think we are helping others and that we would be selfish if we stopped caretaking other people’s needs. It’s human to want to care for others, it’s human to have deep empathy, but we cannot save people from themselves. We often don’t realise that our trying to save others means we are robbing another person of their own ability to take care of themselves or to become who they truly are. In all of the years I have been doing this work and the thousands and thousands of messages I receive, codependency is by far one of the biggest issues I see.

That’s why I am so pumped to bring you ‘Crushing Codependency’ with Terri Cole. A 6-week interactive deep dive to free yourself from people-pleasing forever. Just us at I can’t wait to see you there!


  • Myths about codependency
  • What is a high-functioning codependent?
  • How to unlearn codependency
  • The biggest signs you are putting everyone else first
  • The correlation between codependency, autoimmune and leaky gut
  • Boundaries start with this
  • How we rob each other from self-love and accountability
  • What’s below the escape?
  • What’s under “I just love big, that’s all”
  • How to have amazing outcomes in life and relationships