May 25, 2020

Louis Alloro – The Power of Positive Psychology

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Belief Systems, Connection, Emotional Wellness, Positive Psychology, Relationship, Self-Discovery


When people ask what I’ve studied, I immediately think of my dear friend, Louis Alloro. Louis is an incredible person who teaches, leads and trains others in positive psychology and change management. In this episode Louis helps us breakdown some of the fundamentals of positive psychology and change. What is it about change that is so difficult for us as humans? Why do we find change so confronting and disruptive? How can we make space for joy amidst uncertainty and confusion?

As Louis says “Live your life with the knowing that at least one of the pillars of your major belief systems—most likely the one you cling to the most fiercely—is dead wrong.


  • What is so challenging about change?
  • The 5 core pillars of our belief system
  • Why we should never cling to one thing
  • When you stay open to the way you see the world, you’re free
  • Well being is ______
  • How can we create positive change?
  • We are not automatrons. Find your rituals.