Feb 16, 2020

Makenzie Chilton – Love Your Mondays

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Career, Childhood, Connection, Entrepreneurship, Happiness, Self-Discovery, Self-Worth


People often say “don’t quit your day job”, but what if you do? This week I am joined by the wonderful Makenzie Chilton to talk about how we can stop dreading the work week and start loving our Mondays. Makenzie’s mission is all about discovering what you want in life—thinking bigger, thinking outside of the box, engaging the imaginative inner child within you that is still awaiting their chance to live their dreams. Makenzie walks us through her process to uncover what it is you need to do to start loving your Mondays.


  • The 4 step process to loving your Mondays
  • Listening to “the nudge”
  • How to quit your job
  • Using the system to invest in your dreams
  • Maybe it’s not your job, maybe it’s you
  • The real roadmap you should trust
  • Why alignment and self-worth will give you everything



  • Find Mackenzie @loveyourmondays and loveyourmondays.co
  • Makenzie Chilton is an ex prison counsellor turned career coach and the founder of Love Your Mondays. Since 2013 she has been helping people all over the world find their dream careers and start businesses with her signature program the WTF?! Sessions. Using her education in psychology and her background in business she strives to give her clients (and pretty much anyone that will listen) strategic advice that gets people where they want to go. Believing that society would be a happier healthier place if people were in alignment with their careers, she has made it her mission to help people get there. Coffee is Makenzie’s main food group and she lives in the mountains with her dog Bruce, who is very clearly the real boss.