Feb 10, 2020

Hurt people, hurt people – Special Episode

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Boundaries, Relationship, Resentment, Self-Worth, Worthiness


We have all been treated badly to some extent—by our parents, our partners, our exes, our old friends, by the narcissists of the world. But once we’ve identified where we’ve been victimized, our job is to step beyond being a victim of the world and reclaim our power. Our work is to look within and enquire into what it is within us that allows painful dynamics to continue in our lives. What is it that stops us from setting boundaries, from saying ‘no’ to things that make us feel unloved, from claiming our right to be fully worthy? This week we explore all aspects of waking up to our worth and importantly how healed people heal people.


  • The disease of unworthiness
  • Looking for worthiness is a moving target
  • Why we need to turn towards our pain
  • Truthful answers require us to become someone else
  • The connection between boundaries and worth
  • Resentment is a sign you need to choose yourself
  • Why are we a match to poor behavior? Why do we make excuses?
  • Are you the match for what you want?
  • What you attract is what you need need to learn
  • What are you afraid to find in the space of silence?
  • What unrealized potential are you not stepping into?