Apr 9, 2021

Mark & Kylie – Let It Burn Pt. 2

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Awareness, Breakups, Communication, Generational Trauma, Grief, Relationship


Part 2 of the much anticipated conversation with my partner Kylie on our breakup is here. We dive deeper into the imperative work that was required of both of us to be able to re-enter into right relationship, together. Both Ky and I explore the necessity of the rupture, our wounding and how we healed. Join us for Part 2 of this emotional conversation that further explores so many crucial topics from Part 1. Expanding, unpacking and dismantling old frameworks around what we were taught about relationship. Letting go of what no longer served us, to invite reconciliation.


  • Relational patterns and dynamics
  • What is buried underneath grief, loss and suffering
  • The deep soul knowing that it’s time to let go of your old self
  • The key behind deep, meaningful relationships
  • How suffering gives us a gift
  • Support and community is vital during a breakup
  • Examining and processing generational lineage/patterns
  • “Man = mother until you do mother work”
  • External validation vs. internal sourcing
  • Why we soothe wounds with arousal
  • Holding reverence for the feminine and mother earth
  • What love truly means