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Apr 14, 2021

How To Live Your Best Life, Integrated – Steph Corker

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Acutalization, Connection, Relationship, Transformation, Workplace


Steph Corker is my dear friend and the founder of The Corker Collective, a human capital consulting firm committed to everyone living their best life, integrated. She is passionate about potential and leading people towards personal transformation.

In this episode we dive into how to bring out the actualized version of yourself in all areas of your life, specifically – in relationships and your career. Join us to learn how to change what is possible in your life so you can love every moment you experience. You will learn how to allocate your time in a way that generates the best version of yourself and raises the frequency of every experience you encounter.


  • The Corker Collective: Injecting heart beats into businesses
  • How are you showing up in work, life, relationships, and is it the same?
  • The evolution of the workplace
  • To have a big life, you have to be willing to have big conversations
  • The steps we can take to get who we want to be
  • It’s hard for toxicity to penetrate when you’re connected to yourself
  • What would the actualized version of you do?
  • The resistance in going to the edge
  • The consumer vs. the generator
  • Slow down, you’ll get there faster
  • The five regrets of the dying, and what matters
  • The “and” is always possible