Jan 21, 2019

Money is Energy with Selina Gray

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Boundaries, Career, Money, Self-Worth, Shame


Why does our relationship with money matter and how does it connect to our relationships with people? This episode is a must! In it, money boss Selina Gray and I unpack the connection between money, our pasts, stress, and of course, healing and freedom. Selina Gray is a CPA, CA & a money relationship expert with over 15 years of experience reinventing finance for individuals & businesses. Selina has helped thousands of people transform their relationship with money by focusing on emotions, money mindset & practical money optimization skills. She believes that everyone is capable of healing their money story and her approach cuts through all the bullshit beliefs that have been blocking you from healing your own. Tune in to get to the heart of what really matters in your life, and to make the change that lasts.



  • 9:20 –  Uncovering your money memories
  • 13:00 – Selina’s money mess
  • 25:40 – How to be more excited about budgeting
  • 32:30 – The importance of gratitude
  • 34:00 – Money archetypes
  • 47:40 – Healing money patterns in relationships
  • 50:45 – How to start