Dec 31, 2018

The Myths of Masculinity and Addiction with Ben Goresky

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What if you learned that everything you’ve been taught about what it means to be a man, was wrong? Tune into my recent conversation with addictions counselor and men’s coach Ben Goresky and learn how to reconnect to your masculinity and your partner with a new sense of compassion and curiosity. In this episode we talk about how to call ourselves and others on the bullshit stories that hold us back, the social norms that perpetuate addiction, why who you spend time with matters, and how you can get back in alignment with who you really are.


  • Addiction myths (15:30)
  • Men and addictions: (34:20)
  • The connection solution for men and women (48:40)
  • The antidote to defensiveness (53:10)
  • The cycle of codependency (1:00:00)


You can find Ben through his group for The Samurai Brotherhood, an organization that connects men to their masculine core and leads the way for the evolution of conscious men.

Ben also hosts The Evolving Man podcast and runs relationship workshops for couples with his fiancee Sheleana Aiyana. He specializes in transpersonal psychology, shadow work, men’s work, and conscious relationship work. He lives a happy, healthy life in Vancouver, Canada.

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