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Apr 3, 2023

Overcoming Challenges and Birthing a New You with Christine Hassler

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Authenticity, Belonging, Career, Coaching, Healing, Mental Health, Parenting, Personal Growth, Therapy, Transformation


Today I have the pleasure of hosting coaching OG and powerhouse Christine Hassler on the pod! Christine is a master coach, facilitator, and speaker with over 20 years of experience. 

In this episode, Christine and I jam on everything from becoming a new parent, to the evolution of the coaching industry and the rise of young influencers, to the collective trauma we currently face and the need to deconstruct broken systems. We also dive into the importance of nervous system regulation (especially for educators), the power of somatic and talk therapy when combined, and Christine’s recommendations for daily regulation, integration, and empowerment. A fascinating talk you’ll gain so many insights from!


  • Christine’s story on how she transitioned from a career-focused woman to a new mother and how she dealt with the overwhelming change of caring for a child
  • The season of early parenthood and why parents shouldn’t put so much pressure on themselves
  • The evolution of the personal growth industry, including its expansion into mainstream media and the corporate world and the acceptance of therapy and coaching
  • The impact of social media, on young influencers
  • How we’re living in a time where nearly everyone’s nervous system is dysregulated and why it’s so important for us to recognize that, plus tools you can use for regulation

00:00 Intro 

01:09 Transitioning from working woman to new mother

09:02 The season of early parenthood

12:15 What makes happy and well-adjusted humans 

19:31 The evolution of the coaching industry

27:38 Rise of young influencers (“iGen”)

37:18 Importance of nervous system regulation for educators

43:59 Somatic and talk therapy

46:42 Collective & individual trauma and deconstructing broken systems

51:03 Tools to help regulate your nervous system and feel more integrated and empowered