Sep 19, 2022

Overcoming Perfectionism with Vitale Buford Hardin

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Authenticity, Career, Excellence, Perfectionism, Self-Compassion, Self-Worth


This week I’m pumped to be joined by my good friend, Vitale Buford Hardin who is a top leadership consultant, driver of leadership excellence, and CEO of The Hardin Group, a leadership consulting firm. Tune in as we unpack perfectionism, why it manifests, how it affects us in the workplace and within our relationships, and ultimately how to actually heal from it.

Vitale believes that “who we are is how we lead,” so the real leadership work begins with ourselves. Vitale brings her training and concepts to life in a fun and relatable way, empowering teams and companies to transform the way they work, produce, and relate. She is an iPEC-certified executive coach, trainer, award-winning speaker, and author. Featured in The New York Times, she is the author of the book, Addicted to Perfect, detailing her struggle with perfectionism and how she overcame it. 


  • What perfectionism is and the different ways in which it can manifest
  • The root cause of perfectionism
  • The first step in detaching from the need to be perfect
  • How companies and leaders can actually benefit from addressing and healing perfectionism in the workplace

00:00 Intro

00:46 What is perfectionism?

02:55 Why we chase perfection

05:30 Detaching from perfectionism

07:37 Perfectionism in the workplace

12:06 How it affects innovation

17:47 Are men or women more prone to perfectionism?

21:27 Perfectionism in relationships

28:00 Compassion and perfectionism can’t coexist

30:34 Excellence instead of perfectionism

32:23 Vitale’s struggle with perfectionism