Sep 22, 2022

Stepping into Entrepreneurship with Dan Harrison

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Career, Entrepreneurship, Purpose, Transformation


If you’re a therapist, practitioner, naturopath or healer looking to build your biz online and cultivate more meaning, abundance and freedom in your life, then this episode is for you! Tune in for an insightful conversation with Dan Harrison; former certified financial planner turned course creator and online business mentor who specializes in authentic selling, relationship-based marketing and transformational leadership.


  • The beauty of entrepreneurship and starting before you’re ready
  • The best place you can focus your time and energy as an entrepreneur
  • Selling the transformation vs. your time
  • Some of the most common challenges when stepping into entrepreneurship

00:00 Intro

02:14 Soulful Sales

07:25 From sales rep to empowering people

10:37 The beauty of entrepreneurship

21:10 Being of service

25:00 Sell the transformation

32:26 Free vs. paid information

36:52 Biggest challenges in entrepreneurship

43:46 Fall in love with the process