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Apr 11, 2024

#363: Relationship Repair: Navigating Through Conflict

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Apology, Breakups, codependency, Conflict, Dating, Emotional Health, empathy, Grace, Grief, Healing, Infidelity, Intimacy, Relational Dynamics, Relational Repair, Relationships, Repairing Ruptures, Self-Love, Self-Worth, Transformation


In this episode, I discuss the vital role of repairing ruptures in relationships – diving into the significance of mutual understanding, empathy, and consistent repair as foundational elements for building trust and deep emotional connections. I talk about the importance of addressing unresolved issues early on to prevent lingering negativity and nurture intimacy. I also explore the challenges in modeling repair, the barriers to genuine apologies, and the valuable insights gained through reflecting on past experiences. Join me in this conversation as we prioritize repair over ego, embrace love in our lives more deeply, and co-create a culture of grace for stronger, healthier relationships.


0:00:00 Intro

0:01:28 Creating Healthy Relationship Dynamics

0:03:03 Unpacking Relationship Patterns and Triggers

0:03:15 Understanding Ruptures in Relationships

0:03:36 Facing Issues in Relationships

0:04:00 Importance of Addressing Negativity in Relationships

0:04:40 Overcoming Shame for Relationship Repair

0:05:14 Reflecting on Ability to Repair Relationships

0:05:38 Courage and Vulnerability in Repairing Relationships

0:06:05 The Art of Listening and Understanding

0:06:41 Building Trust Through Consistent Repair

0:07:21 Constantly Learning and Growing in Repairing Relationships


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