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Apr 8, 2024

#362: Heal Your Wounds & Reclaim Your Life Through Shadow Work w/ Violet Benson

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Authenticity, Belonging, Boundaries, Career, Conflict, Coping Mechanisms, Emotional Health, Grief, Healing, Mental Health, Personal Growth, Relationships, Self-Expression, Self-Love, Self-Worth, Shadow Work, Transformation, Trauma


In this episode, I welcome Violet Benson back to the podcast. We dive into the transformative process of shadow work and the impact of confronting grief. In order to help understand how past experiences have shaped our present behaviors, Violet speaks about the significance of understanding our personal experiences of childhood trauma and the coping mechanisms we’ve developed. She also discusses the power of self-expression, boundaries, and the channeling of emotions into constructive actions. Violet encourages us to embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth – sharing the tool of shadow work as a means of healing past wounds, enhancing emotional intelligence, and cultivating fulfilling relationships with oneself and others. Join us for this enlightening conversation that invites honesty forward and deepens our connections within.

Violet Benson, comedian, motivational speaker, creator of Daddy Issues and podcast host of the largest self love podcast and movement for women. Known for her solo episodes and amazing guests, You can catch new episodes of Almost Adulting, every Tuesday and Thursday on Apple, Spotify, and YouTube.


0:00:00 Intro

0:02:11 Finding Community Online

0:03:12 The Importance of Community

0:04:52 Embracing Self-Reflection

0:07:47 Writing a Memoir

0:12:01 Coping Mechanisms Revealed

0:14:36 Processing Traumatic Experiences

0:19:14 Understanding Hurt and Anger

0:22:48 Setting Boundaries in Conflict

0:24:34 Fierce Love and Boundaries

0:29:04 Embracing the Journey

0:30:20 Harnessing Wounds as Superpowers

0:35:41 Defining Shadow Work

0:41:31 Embracing Shadow Work

0:43:07 Signs You Need Shadow Work

0:47:01 Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Shadow Work

0:49:17 Facing Your Shadows

0:52:11 Steps to Begin Shadow Work

1:03:19 Value of Emotions in Self-Discovery

1:05:25 Balancing Work and Enjoyment

1:09:13 Changing Perspectives for a Brighter Life


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