Jul 4, 2022

Mind over Media with Renee Hobbs

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Conflict, Media Literacy, News, Persuasion, Propaganda, Social Media


Today I’m joined by Renee Hobbs, who is an expert in digital and media literacy education. She’s the author of Mind Over Media: Propaganda Education for a Digital Age and for 30 years has helped educators across four contents integrate digital and media literacy into all subject areas and grade levels.

In this episode, Renee unpacks what propaganda is, why we should be aware of it, and how it really affects and influences us. A topic as timely as ever these days!


  • How propaganda works and why developing critical thinking skills around all types of media is so important
  • How media messages shape our culture and society
  • How powerful language is as a persuasive tool
  • The importance of curiosity and seeking out divergent perspectives
  • Increasing your capacity for complexity and critical thinking


00:00 Intro

00:49 Information in today’s era

02:35 Propaganda is everywhere

04:19 News and facts

06:03 Definition of propaganda

09:02 The power of language

15:29 Media’s role in society

19:36 Conspiracy theories

20:25 Stereotypes vs. embracing complexity

23:55 Self-interest is inescapable

27:02 Manage your rage

29:57 Propaganda is in the eye of the beholder

31:54 Searching for opposing beliefs

34:55 The learning journey with podcasts

37:50 Learning by creating media