May 6, 2019

Sheleana Aiyana – The Rising Woman

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Childhood, Relationship, Self-Compassion, Transformation, Trauma


This week Sheleana Aiyana and I talk about Rising Woman. What does it mean to be a rising woman? How did Sheleana’s life lead her to this work? How does one begin to transform pain and trauma into self-compassion and healing? How can we start stepping into our power? If you have ever been impacted by childhood wounds (all of us)  then this episode is for you.



  • Acceptance as the path toward healing.
  • Shea’s life path – the childhood wounds and traumas.
  • Transforming pain into healing.
  • What is shadow work? How does our shadow impact us and our relationships?
  • What are the most common coaching issues and patterns Sheleana sees?
  • How did trauma show up in Sheleana’s life?
  • When you are willing and ready to change, when are you sick of your own shit?
  • Victim mentality and letting go of it.
  • How do we start taking responsibility and stepping into our power?
  • Inner child work and self-soothing.
  • The difference between compassion and tolerance – the curse of the empath.
  • The process of healing, how does it work?


  • Rising Woman Instagram
  • Sheleana Aiyana
  • Rising Woman is led by Sheleana and her co-founder Heather, who are trained facilitators and guides of shadow-work, conscious relationship, breathwork, and tantric practices. Their current offering is the Heal Your Relationships Program. An 8-Week Journey into the Heart of Your Relationship Patterns. Sheleana is also a trained Doula, having gone through multiple certification programs, including a full-spectrum training with midwife Molly Dutton-Kenney.