May 12, 2019

Raphael Cano – Coming Out as Your Highest Self

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Authenticity, LGBTQ+, Self-Compassion, Sexuality


Raphael Cano is a love activist and warrior. He and I met very serendipitously in a coffee shop in NYC, and from that day onward our friendship has continued to evolve and expand. Raphael’s mission is to elevate humanity through universal truths and his own divine shine. Raphael’s friendship has been life-changing for me in so many ways, and in this episode I wanted to highlight how Raphael has supported me in having the space to understand how heteronormativity affects people in the LGBTQ+ community. Raphael walks us through his pathway to coming out, then later, to becoming a love warrior. His courage and energy is inspiring and I am so honoured that he shared his story with us for my podcast.


  • The HighSchool Bully – and the projection and rejection of being gay.
  • Raphael’s years of denial of his sexuality and the stress of living out of alignment.
  • Raphael’s stepping into alignment, his first boyfriend.
  • Raphael’s family’s response and finding his voice and confidence – how ‘Prayers for Bobby’ impacted him.
  • The Stages of Coming Out – trauma, acceptance and authenticity.
  • Elevating and changing, how dating changes and the dating pool changes.
  • The equality that occurs in a mind, body and soul connected relationship.
  • Come out as your highest self – whatever that might mean for you.