Dec 20, 2022

The Magic of Uncertainty – Solo Episode

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Alignment, Surrender, Transformation, Trust, Uncertainty


I truly believe life always works out — even when it feels like nothing is going to plan. But this idea, of course, can be a challenging one to accept. It’s so hard for us to see the magic of what’s unfolding and trust the timing of the universe when we’re still in love with a previous story of what could have been. Imprisoned by the idea of how things were supposed to work out. We so often get stuck in the moment we were wishing for that we don’t allow the beauty of this moment to unfold.

Join me in the special solo episode as I expand on what it means to trust life’s timing, embrace the uncertainty and walk the path as it appears.


  • The magic in embracing the way things are instead of forcing outcomes
  • Why we get stuck in frustrating patterns, and what holds us back from creating the life and relationships we desire
  • The profound benefits of understanding your triggers, learning from past wounds and integrating that knowledge
  • How the universe conspires to make your dreams come true when you’re brave enough to trust your intuition and leap into the unknown
  • Why you can’t rush the knowing and gotta embrace uncertainty

00:00 Intro

01:20 Life update

03:07 When things don’t work out

05:10 Protective mechanisms

07:14 Growing from your triggers

09:32 Leap, and the universe will catch you

19:00 Stepping into your fullest self-expression

22:45 You’re the one who designs your life

25:16 You’re always in the perfect place