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Dec 12, 2022

What Kids Really Need with Donovan Taylor Hall

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Child Education, Children, Growth Mindset, Mental Health, Self-Love, Self-Worth


Today’s guest, Donovan Taylor Hall, is the teacher I think we all wished we had growing up.

Dubbed the ‘Modern Day Mr. Rogers,’ Donovan is a youth advocate and educator on a mission to teach children how to build positive self-identity, self-worth and determination. His work aims to help kids of all ages create a solid relationship with themselves and learn the skills they need to take care of themselves both mentally and emotionally. Slow. Clap.

Donovan has been featured on the Today Show, NowThis and several podcasts for his important work in positive youth development. Although his work started with kids, he has recently shifted into helping adults take care of themselves as well, using the same skills and inner child work. Join us as we discuss Donovan’s story, the current education system, how it’s affecting kids’ mental well-being, and the value of an alternative system that focuses more on emotional, relational and mental health.


  • How Donovan’s personal mental health struggles inspired him to work with kids
  • Why teaching kids about their inherent self-worth is so important
  • The reality of putting too many expectations and too much pressure on kids
  • How the current education system is affecting kids’ mental health
  • How Donovan uses Twitch to connect with and teach important skills to his students
  • The moment that made him leave the classroom, what made him come back, and the importance of self-love

00:00 Intro

00:23 Being the modern-day Mr. Rogers

02:03 Passion for teaching kids

06:12 Self-worth is inherent

12:18 Putting expectations on kids

15:20 The main struggles middle schoolers face today

31:09 Creating a safe space for kids

43:10 Rethinking the education system

48:03 Meeting kids where they’re at

53:14 Leaving the classroom

1:00:12 Creating content & performative social media

1:09:48 Future plans