Jun 26, 2023

Transgender Politics and Gender Dysphoria with Julia Malott

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Authenticity, Belonging, Gender Dysphoria, Gender Identity, Gender Transitioning, LGBTQ+, Mental Health, Parenting, School, Tough Conversations, Transgender, Transphobia


Today I welcome Julia Malott to the show! Julia is a transgender woman from Toronto, Canada and creator of Alotta Thoughts: Quick Take Videos exploring nuanced conversations about our identity political divide. Julia is concerned that our recent politics surrounding gender identity and ideology have become increasingly divisive, and she’s determined to bridge this gap. Through thoughtful conversation with individuals from all political perspectives, Julia seeks to cut through the noise and have productive conversations across the ideological spectrum to demonstrate that we are not nearly as divided as we might have thought.

Join us today as we consciously dialogue about things that most people are afraid to talk about: gender identity especially in terms of being taught to young children, the parent-school divide, transphobia and hate, pronouns, and transitioning. Julia opens up about her personal story on how she navigated the shame around her identity, how she overcome her victim mentality, and the hate she experienced during her transition. She also shares how parents can better understand their kids who may be questioning their gender, build a supportive and safe relationship, and guide them through their experience in a safe and mindful way. This is a conversation you surely wouldn’t want to miss! 


  • The importance of having discussions about gender identity, gender dysphoria, and transitioning
  • Navigating and overcoming transphobia and hatred while embarking on the journey of transition
  • Understanding Puberty Blockers, what they are and how they affect young individuals
  • How parents can better understand their children who may be questioning their gender

00:00 Intro 

01:36 Why do we need to have these conversations?

06:35 The Parent-School Divide

11:09 Teaching young kids about gender identity

17:27 Providing gender-affirming care

21:59 Finding joy in the transition

25:57 Victim mentality in the journey of transition

29:38 Transphobia and hate

35:46 Transgender inclusion in sports

42:15 Learning and understanding pronouns

47:41 Letting go of external validation

49:03 Overcoming shame and narcissism

54:32 Why girls can be masculine but boys can’t be feminine

1:00:10 What are Puberty Blockers?

1:05:10 Parenting with transitioning kids

1:08:19 Gender identity is not everything



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