27th November 2023
#328: The Hidden Consciousness of Water with Tracy Duhs

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In this episode, I welcome Water Expert Tracy Duhs to the show. We explore the fascinating world of water and its impact on our health, in a way you’ve likely never heard it talked about before. Tracy teaches us about the complexity of water, including the concept of water structure and its role in hydrating cells. She also teaches us about the important but little-known facts about tap water, “filtered” water, and the presence of plastic and toxins in water. Listen in to learn more about how changing the kind of water you drink (including how you drink it) can positively change the state of your health and wellbeing.

Tracy Duhs works as a modern wellness advocate specializing in the restorative powers of intelligent hydration. She is also the author of the book HYDRATE: preserving youth and activating vitality through intelligent hydration, nutrition, and self-care.


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