Oct 3, 2022

You Don’t Have to Suffer Alone with Aaron Albert

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Breakups, Mental Health, Self-Help, Social Media


Meet Aaron Albert: my buddy, co-founder and the CEO of Mine’d — a digital platform we co-created to connect you with top emotional wellness experts and community through daily live and on-demand classes. Tune in as we explore the landscape of social media as it pertains to mental health for both consumers and creators, plus our idea to create a different way of orienting towards mental, relational and emotional health challenges.

A former child actor on the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, Aaron has spent the adult part of his career in the health and wellness space, working with companies to build products and experiences that make people’s lives better. As the co-creator of the largest chain of boutique spin studios in Southeast Asia, Absolute Cycle, Aaron was able to merge together two of his personal passions: fitness and motivation. Over the past four years specifically, Aaron really honed in on creating communities and products at multiple consumer, wellness, and tech companies, including Journey Live, Shine Text, Wave Meditation, Sweat with Studio, and Julianne Hough’s KINRGY. 


  • Why we felt it necessary to create a new way for people to engage in mental health content outside of the social media platforms that already exist
  • Why it’s hard for us to get motivated to take care of our mental health
  • How we can be narcissistic in our pain when the truth is: you’re not alone!

00:00 Intro

01:00 Impact of the pandemic on mental health

02:33 Why don’t we treat mental health like physical health?

06:10 Mental health content on social media

14:06 People want accessibility

21:32 Heartbreak & the birth of Mine’d 

27:48 Creating authentic content 

34:26 You are not alone

41:05 Narcissism in our pain

43:23 What is Mine’d?