Mar 18, 2024

#357: Deleting Social Media and Trusting The Unknown

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Alignment, Authenticity, Boundaries, Career, codependency, Conflict, Liberation, Mental Health, Purpose, Relationships, Self-Discovery, Self-Expression, Social Media, Transformation


In this special episode, I share a BIG announcement that’s been brewing for a long time. I discuss how my relationship with social media has impacted my well-being – including the pressures of constant content creation and changing algorithms. I also talk about the importance of self-discovery, authenticity, and relationships based in mutual regard. This episode marks a shift towards aligning my life with core values and embracing a fully liberated life.


0:00:00 Intro

0:00:57 Reflecting on Business and Relationship to Social Media

0:05:12 Overriding Alarms and Sensations

0:06:31 The Psychological Strain of Social Media Management

0:08:21 Getting Curious About The Relationship I’m In

0:12:14 A Truth Revealed

0:14:30 An Invitation to You

0:16:18 Building a Different Business Strategy 

0:18:58 Sparked with Aliveness

0:20:20 Creating a Liberated Life


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