Mar 14, 2024

#356: Deepening Love: Navigating Relationships with Wisdom

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Acceptance, Attachment Theory, Authenticity, Belonging, Boundaries, Breakups, codependency, Communication, Conflict, Dating, Grief, Infidelity, Liberated Love, Mental Health, Personal Growth, Regret, Relationships, Self-Discovery, Self-Love, Self-Worth, Set-Trust, Transformation, Trauma


This espresso shot solo episode is an excerpt from Ky’s + my recent Valentine’s Day Liberated Love Workshop. In this episode, I discuss the nuances of navigating relationships and breakups – emphasizing the crucial role of clear communication and intentional boundaries. Drawing from my personal journey of reconnecting with Kylie, I share the significance of well-defined guidelines post-breakup, explicit communication of needs, and mutual respect. I also explore topics such as infidelity, regret, and confronting uncomfortable truths for personal growth and transformation in relationships. The episode dives into the importance of embracing grief as a pathway to self-discovery and emphasizes the profound growth achieved by acknowledging our inner darkness. Get the full recording at


0:00:00 Intro 

0:00:33 Establishing a Dating Container

0:00:59 Addressing Infidelity and Communication

0:01:44 Reflections on Past Regrets

0:02:41 Embracing Grief and Accepting Reality

0:03:03 Aligning Life with Values in Relationships

0:03:48 Liberation and Finding Mutual Excitement


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